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Membership & Objectives

The members of the Forum are currently-

Observer status has been granted to notarial bodies in Jersey, Guernsey and the Isle of Man.

Contacts at an inter-professional level with notarial professions in other jurisdictions (both civil and common-law) have grown steadily.

The objectives of the Forum are:-

The members of the Forum have adopted the principle of subsidiarity so that its deliberations and opinions are not directly binding on its members.

At an international level, the Forum has made representations to relevant European Parliamentary Committees concerning the status and authority of notaries in the United Kingdom and submitted memoranda for the consideration of the UINL (Union Internationale du Notariat), the world organisation for civil law notaries.

Schedule B describes the different types of notary in the UK and the procedure for their appointment.
Schedule C describes the rules and procedures for the training and qualifications of notaries throughout the UK.
Schedule D identifies the regulatory and professional bodies for notaries in the UK.

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